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Posted 18.9.14
Ecommerce site for Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game
Following on from our packaging redesign and brand, we have now launched their ecommerce site. The brain child of two energetic, entrepreneurial, accountant Mums, brimming with great play ideas, once exclusively for their own children... now available to the world! The client shot the video and we edited it. Check it out on the home page or watch on YouTube.

Great gifts for young children Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game

Posted 17.10.12
Women mean business
Looking to energise and encourage each other, this networking group is fast making an impression on local business life. As a client they were impressively professional and decisive. They're clearly going to be a supportive resource for established and start-up businesses alike.

Wimborne women in business

Posted 17.04.12
Africa! ... new markets immerge
After successfully winning a credentials pitch we are now absorbed in a new project for a new client – specialists in food marketing in Africa. A rising middle class in countries such as Ghana and Nigeria increasingly seek the convenience and consistent quality of European and British foods. An extract from the client's brief reads that the rebrand "needs to be able to stand next to the international brand leaders and hold our own". First in an initial range of 9 canned vegetable products launches over summer. We'll publish how the full range developed soon after that.

Posted 08.05.11
Hey – Font face!
Doodling for amusement I found I can be reduced to 5 font characters. Century School Book caused hilarity amongst friends for its (supposed) accuracy, this version's in Franklin Gothic. Changing the typeface is bizarre – a comment on the personality of the font too perhaps? It amused me for half an hour anyway. Could it make a fortune as an iPhone app? 'Fat Booth' for typographers?

It's fun to set yourself a little personal project now and then. Work is fun, fun is work.

Face in five font elementsfont face experiments

Posted 14.04.11
Good time to be a design student?
Maybe not a great time to be leaving college, but a brilliant time to start at my old college Central St Martin's, who are preparing to move into their superb new building in King's Cross, where they'll all be under one roof for the first time. And what an inspiring space it is. Not as 'central' as it was. We were next to Foyles famous bookshop, now they're next to The British Library and front onto the largest public open space created in London for years. Looking forward to the alumni open day and tour.


Estate agents dynamic sign board
Posted 1.12.10
Let! In time for Christmas
Thanks to photographer Daniel Rushall for capturing the impact of our identity for Dorset Lettings, while out in the cold covering the wintry scene in Milton Abbas on Saturday. Everything looks pretty in the snow, but it's good to see the signs stand out in any weather... doing their job, getting property let! Daniel's shooting all DL's offices for us too, for press ads communicating Dorset Lettings "at the heart of the community".

Rebrand for documentary film and TV production company

Posted 30.7.10
Sequoia Films brand identity
Set up by an award winning team whose credentials include working with directors Ken Loach and John Pilger, Sequoia Films makes 'thought-provoking films that engage, move and entertain'. We created their brand identity, animated it for end credits and produced their website.

Posted 10.5.10
Jill Fenwick Garden Design on telly again!
What a star, despite being filmed in the pouring rain of the 'summer' of 2009. Award winning garden designer Jill Fenwick features on the Channel 4 TV show 'The Landscape Man' [Sunday 23 May 2010 7:00pm], to be repeated on More 4 through summer. She comes across brilliantly and looks good even if blown about by the weather, as does her beautiful garden design. See the final sunny results on her news page along with the website and identity we designed.

Posted 12.2.10
Designers on TV
Have you been watching the TV series with Jo Malone, 'High Street Dreams' [8:00pm BBC 1], where she guides entrepreneurs through the development of their business and brand? The production company called us with a new series in mind. I don't know how good the PR from such TV exposure is for designers, so far I've had difficulty catching the name of the design firms involved or a good look at what they did, so fleeting was their appearance. But of course, the programme is for the general audience not just design nuts. It's another good opportunity to bang on about the importance of effective packaging design to the strategy and bottom line of a new venture.


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